What is it for?

An email kit allows you to communicate about an offer to a target of your choice by email.

An email kit is a formatted email offered to publishers wishing to use an opt-in address base to promote the advertiser's offer. The idea is to provide a "turnkey" ad. 

This ad will allow you to reach a large number of Internet users quickly and directly to their mailbox. It is therefore essential that your kit is as attractive and well constructed.


Product : think of putting forward a key product with a price advantage, the top seller, etc... 

Price : highlight an exceptional promotion, a good plan or event communication: announcement of flash sales, one-off marketing operation, etc. 

The Internet user must see his advantage at a glance! 


The email will be received on different media (webmails, email software). It is therefore imperative, from the design stage, to think about passing through the various anti-spam filters. 

To ensure that the email kit/newsletter will pass everywhere, follow the advice below:


  • Use inline CSS.

  • Prefer background colours. Do not use background images.


  • Use a simple HTML structure in table.

  • Do not use <script></script> and javascript in general. 

  • Do not use php code.

  • Do not use flash elements, which will not be read by most email softwares.

  • Do not use <iframe></iframe>. This method is used to call web pages outside the mailing and allows a virus to breach the system. Filters systematically ban emails that have iframes. 


  • Respect the image/text ratio of at least 40/60%.

  • Some words should be completely banned from your emails (viagra, bank, alert,...).

  • Use a global system font. 


  • Define a link area on the images).
    It is advisable to split the image into several smaller ones, on which links are placed <a href=...></a>.

  • Avoid leaving images unnamed. It is therefore strongly advised to name the images with ALT= tags. 


  • Make as many elements as possible clickable.

  • Spaces are not valid in HTML code urls. Even if some browsers understand it, it is imperative to respect the HTML standards (a space in HTML is coded: %20).

  • Do not forget the target="_blank" on your <a></a> links (option that forces the browser to open a new page to display the site). 

Getting the ad by publishers

The publisher must retrieve the new tracking code with each new ad.