The life of your campaign 

Here you will find our tips on how to manage and boost the start of your affiliate campaign in a few key steps.

  1. Reach a wide audience

In a performance-based campaign, it is important to expand your network of publishers and not to focus on a single partner, or even a single vertical, in order to reach a large audience and increase your business.

Kwanko has a large choice of partners and verticals; activating them will allow you to reach a large audience and to test the levers to discover which ones work best for your campaign. These tests must be carried out over time in order to draw relevant conclusions.

Moreover, do not limit yourself to a single product category, it is wise to offer your entire range in order to provide a wide and varied offer to publishers and therefore to the end customer, and thus generate more turnover.

Once publishers of different verticals have been validated on your campaign, it is essential to track their performance, monitor their evolution and help them optimise their performance.

  1. Work on your relationship with your publishers

It is important to share your news regularly with your network of publishers in order to animate your campaign and create a relationship of trust.

To do this, you need to ask the publisher beforehand what usually works well for them (what kind of exposure etc.)

You should also find out about the audience of its website, the typical profile of the users who visit it.

Contact your publishers via the messaging tool on a regular basis to quickly identify areas for improvement and new opportunities.

  1. Work on the event 

In order to run a programme well, we recommend several actions. 

  • Simplify the work of publishers

Share as much information and content as possible that is ready to use (email kit, updated feeds, voucher codes, banners). The less work it takes for publishers, the more likely they are to share your offer. Especially since not everyone knows about your offer. The choice of words is important, so save time with content that is immediately usable and easy to understand.

  • Vary the offers

Some offers have a short life span. This is particularly the case for well-targeted commercial periods such as sales, Christmas period, Back to school, etc. You should not hesitate to renew them frequently, both in terms of content and communication channels. This also allows you to gain visibility and avoid tiring your audience.

  • Organise challenges 

This will allow you to animate your network of publishers. You can offer to reward bonuses to your publishers for best sales or traffic increase or others.

  •  Propose payout increases and/or exclusive voucher codes 

This will allow you to negotiate deals with your publishers. Remember to offer the VoucherTAG if you offer an exclusive code to a publisher

  • Plan the test&learn budget 

Test additional levers: CPM or CPC emailing, influenc, display, skins, fixed fees for special exposures, etc.

  • Be transparent

A relationship with a publisher is more than a relationship between a customer and a supplier. It must above all be a true partnership of trust. For it to be effective, do not hesitate to communicate in advance on the amount of the publishers' payout, the payment delays, etc. For the advertiser, taking care of its network of publishers must be at least as important as taking care of its customers.

  • Use our graphic studio according to your needs

  1. Track your performance / statistics

A good analysis of the statistics tool will allow you to carry out precise reports, while following the activity of the publishers in particular on your campaign from day to day.

Statistics tracking allows you to :

  • quickly find the list of top publishers on a campaigns in order to develop privileged partnerships with them

  • monitor your budgets, in particular thanks to the monthly spendings projection

  • quickly see the impact of seasonality on a campaign

  •  see if there is any tracking issue: sudden stop in the recording of conversions

  • measure whether the activity of a website is constant (has the affiliate been detached for a period of time, for what reasons, ...)

  • reactivate inactive publishers 

  • quickly see if an emailing operation has been carried out as planned (presence of a traffic peak over a few days)

  • measure the profitability of an operation: emailing, CPC deal

This will allow you to monitor your campaign and maximise the results generated.

Tip: To maintain a relationship of trust with your partners, make sure that the campaign is profitable for them as well. If it is not the case, it is important to discuss possible optimisations.

A publisher website can measure its profitability in different ways:

  • eCPC or Equivalent per click

  • eCPM or Equivalent per Thousand

  1. Process your conversions

Processing the conversions generated is an essential step in the life of your programme for you and your publishers.

Each month you must process all tracked sales, and specify whether they are validated or rejected.

You have a time limit defined at the launch of the program to process your sales, once this time limit is exceeded the sales will be automatically validated and you will not be able to modify them.

This process will be carried out every month so that publishers can collect their earnings.


Please note: a maximum cancellation rate of 15% must be respected on a campaign


Find out how to process conversions with our demo video from here 

Tip: Remember to process your sales as you go along to keep as close as possible to your actual expenses.

It is possible to process sales by API, please contact your usual contact.

  1. Handle cashback claims 

What is a cashback claim?

It can happen that a member of a cashback community makes a sale but their cashback is not credited to them:

    ● The member does not have the cashback credited to their account.

    ● The cashback amount does not match.

    ● The cashback was refused.

There may be several reasons for this: adblock system, browsing different websites at the same time, sale allocated to another channel or promotion no longer available.

Members report the situation to the cashbackers, who report it to us and we pass it on to you.

With our tool, cashbackers can easily enter their claims on the Kwanko platform and provide all the data so that you can check the status of these sales in your system.

For your part, these claims should be treated in the same way as your other sales.

How do I handle a Cashback claim?

 To do this, simply :

   1. Go to the "Conversions" tab.

   2. export your sales file for processing

In the "Tracking mode" column (column P), you will find these sales under the heading "Cashback claim".

A new column "Publisher comment" (column V) has been added to allow cashback publishers to give you more information about the missing sale.

You can validate or cancel the claim in the "Action" column.