What is the Marketplace tool and why use it? 

The Marketplace tool allows you to view offers from publishers to feature your campaign on their websites in exchange for an additional payout.

The advantage of this tool is that you can find the offers of our publishers in one place. You can consult the offers of publishers you already know and who broadcast your campaigns, but also of partners with whom you have not yet had the opportunity to work. 

How to consult the offers?

To view the offers, simply go to the "Marketplace" tab. This gives you access to all the offers that are available for your market.

You can filter the available offers directly by major annual commercial 'operations' from the pre-filter bar. 

Here you can see the public offers, which are available to all, and/or the personalised offers, which are addressed only to a selection of campaigns.

If you are looking for a particular offer or selection of offers, you can use the filters on the left to refine your search. 

We recommend the following filters: 

  • by peak period: if you are only looking for offers for a specific period, e.g. Black Friday, Summer sales, Back to school, etc.

  • by vertical: if you want to set up deals with a specific category of publisher, e.g. cashbackers, emailers, content websites, etc.

  • by offer feature: if you are only looking for offers that contain a specific feature, e.g. a sponsored article, emailing, etc.

  • by IAB category of publisher: this will allow you to refine the proposals by the publisher’s sector of activity.

How to choose one offer over another?

In order to choose an offer, we recommend that you check the details by clicking on the "Offer" button on each offer to find out the details of the proposed deal. 

The publishers present their offers in detail with the proposed device, the elements necessary for the implementation of the device, the price, etc. Some publishers even include the complete media kit. We also provide you with some affiliate KPIs to guide you in your choice.

We recommend that you look at several offers before deciding on one. Remember to compare the offers made by publishers of the same vertical so that you can get an idea of the features and prices proposed by each.

For example:

  • You are looking for an offer for a disposal focused on content websites for the "Spring" period

  • Select "Spring" in the filter bar, then "content website" in the search filters.

  • You'll have access to several different offers.

To help you make your choice : 

  • First consult the website of the publisher 

  • Then look at the key KPIs available to you 

    • Clicks generated by the publisher over the last 3 months (all customers combined) 

    • Unique visitors per month 

    • Type of target (B2B / B2C) 

  • Finally, details of the offers and their prices.


The choice of offer will depend on a number of criteria: 

  • Your available budget 

  • Your objective(s) 

    • Branding

    • Transformation 

    • Traffic 

    • etc. 

Don't hesitate to compare offers to find the best compromise between your budget and your objectives.

How to set up the deal?

If you are interested in a particular offer, simply choose the campaign (if you have more than one) you wish to set up a deal for and click on the 'Send a Request' button.  

An email will be sent to your usual Kwanko contact who will take care of your request and make the necessary arrangements to set up the deal while staying in touch with you. 

He or she will then contact the publisher in order to launch the implementation of the elements contained in the offer while discussing the various elements with you (supply of visuals where applicable, validation of content, confirmation of the offer price, etc....).

How do you ensure that the deal is put in place?

Once the offer has been confirmed by you and your Account Manager, it becomes a DEAL.

Now that the deal has been validated, you need to ensure that it is properly implemented. If your Account manager has taken over following your request, he or she will be in charge of setting up the deal with the PUBLISHER and will provide you with all the information and screenshots once it is in place.

In the event that you retain control, we advise you to follow the steps below:

  • Discussions with the publisher about setting up the elements of the deal

  • Confirmation of online dates by the publisher 

  • D-Day: visit the publisher ‘s website to check that all the elements are in place as specified in the deal.

  • Once the deal is complete, add the billing bonus (if applicable) directly from the platform.

How do you monitor deal performance?

Once the deal has been launched, you can track the publisher’s performance directly from the platform's statistics tab (see statistics article). 

Once the deal has been completed, you will be able to view the deal's performance from the : 

  • Publishers

    • Bonus 

      • Click on the bonus period 

The statistics will then be automatically loaded by the platform (per time) to enable you to analyse the performance of the deal (see bonus / statistics). 

You can also ask your Account Manager to provide you with a report on the performance of the deal (captures / statistical analysis etc...). 

How do I remunerate and pay my publishers for the deals I set up?

Once you know the terms and conditions and the price of the deal, you can add the amount using the "Add a bonus" function in the "Publishers" menu, or ask your Account Manager to do it for you. The whole process is described in the article Bonus: how to add a bonus to your publishers?.

When a deal is created, you must associate this deal with your bonus so that the latter is pre-filled.

Click on "Bonus type" then select "Deal":

Once you selected “Deal”, a new entry “Deal” is available:

You need to associate the bonus to the deal  (displayed in the drop-down list, see below): 

Once selected, the bonus details will be automatically filled in with the conditions of the validated deal: 

Tip: to choose the billing method (a dedicated invoice or bonus added to the next invoice), please refer to the following article: Bonus: how to add a bonus to your publishers?. Please note that the credit card payment option is not available in this case.

Once you have created a bonus, a new column will automatically be added to your statistics ("Statistics" tab). This will allow you to quickly track and identify the bonuses for your campaign.

You can also add additional data for a better analysis. All you have to do is add columns by clicking on the pictogram and choosing the KPIs you want. In particular, you can analyse the number of bonuses, spendings linked solely to bonuses, campaign spendings with and without bonuses, etc.

If your Account Manager has taken charge of the deal set up, he or she will be able to add the bonus from the platform.

How can I follow up on bonus payments?

In the "Invoicing" tab, you will find details of invoices. On invoices that contain bonuses, you'll find dedicated "Bonus - (spe001)" lines that contain details of each bonus added: the name of the bonus, the site concerned, the period during which it was added and the total amount excluding VAT. 

As a reminder, the month in which the bonus is invoiced corresponds to the first day of the promotional period.

How can I keep up to date with new offers?

Be notified when a new offer is online

If you wish to be informed when new offers are activated, we recommend that you go to "Profile" and "Communications with Kwanko". You will need to check the option to receive the recap email. This email is sent once a day (if any new offers have been activated).