1. Setting up your entity's users

Firstly, it is important to set up the users who have access to your entity and to ensure that the recipient of the report has an active account on your entity. This task is essential if you are to create a report and enter the recipients' e-mail addresses. 

To do this, go to : 

  • Profile 

  • User settings

  1. Format

Go to the ‘Statistics’ tab. Select the statistical view you want (By publisher, etc) before clicking on the ‘Set up the sending of an export by email’ button. 

Find out more about the various options here

Tips: It is not possible to select a custom period because the automatic report must be based on a ‘timeframe’, for example: previous week, previous month, etc. 

  1. Setup

To set up the report, please fill in all the recipients’ emails (see step 1 if you cannot find an email address).

You can also enter the e-mail address of your Kwanko Account Manager.

The file can be sent in excel or csv format, depending on your needs. 

You can choose the frequency that suits you best. 

1 : Daily

By selecting ‘Daily’ as the sendout frequency, you will receive the report every day at the same time. 

2 : Weekly

You can select the most convenient day of the week to receive the report.  

3 : Monthly

You can select the desired date by month. For example, every 1st of the month.

For each frequency, you can select the time at which you wish to receive the report: 

For each frequency, you can also set an end date for receiving the report:  

TIPS: As we are keen to limit our carbon footprint, we have created several rules to limit mailings: : 

  • If the report is empty, the email is not sent

  • If a report has not been downloaded or is empty on several consecutive occasions, the report is deactivated.