How does affiliate marketing work? 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to monetise your content and generate significant online revenue. You are free to promote the products and brands that your audience is most interested in and display them on your website, blog, mobile app or via your social media accounts.

You are paid out by a commission on sales, visits or forms generated from their links. The monitoring and evaluation of the results is done through tracking links provided by the affiliate platform, Kwanko.

What is a Publisher?

A publisher wishes to monetise the advertising space on his website, email databases or social networks by promoting the services or products of an advertiser, in return for a payout calculated according to his results. 

What is an Advertiser?

This is an e-commerce or service website whose objective is to increase its visibility, its traffic, its turnover or to enrich its base of contacts (prospects) thanks to the distribution of advertisements on affiliated websites.