How does the Kwanko Inbox tool work?

It is a simple tool for advertisers to communicate with publishers. It allows you to send very simple text messages (no images or videos) to publishers. Access this feature via the "Inbox" menu at the top. 

In order to use messaging, you must first sign the Kwanko Inbox Charter.

Once the charter is read and validated, you will be able to contact the publishers to discuss your campaign, propose attractive conditions or schedule specific exposures with them. You can save precious time and boost the performance of your publishers.

You can write the message to publishers who are accepted, pending, rejected or prospected on your campaign (i.e. publishers who have been invited to join the campaign by you but have not yet validated the invitation).

Choose whether you want to allow publishers to respond to your message or whether your message is sent for information purposes only:

Publishers will receive a notification on their interface as soon as your message is sent.

We recommend that you set up your interface in the "Profile" / "Communications with Kwanko" section to receive a summary email with the information that new messages from your publishers are waiting for you: