To access the management of your deeplinks, go to Supports > Deeplinks management

What is it for?

Kwanko Deeplink allows publishers to get the tracking link that redirects to the advertiser’s specific pages. Please note that the publishers must be approved on the campaign.

Indeed, if the publisher wishes to redirect his / her users to a specific page of your website, he / she will be able to do so thanks to this tool. Please note that the specific parameters settled on your campaign will be taken into consideration as well.

How to set up a deeplink ?

In order to make it available for the publishers, you need to implement your website’s domain as follows: or or in the "Domain(s)" box.

You can place there more than one domain if needed (1 domain per 1 line).

If you use a third party tracking technology, put the third party tracking URL in the box provided. Check if your URL is complete.

BEWARE: the specific parameters or paths are not authorised after the domain’s name (such as or

If you want to add specific parameters, such as utm_source=Kwanko, ask your usual contact for assistance.