Starter Account Management Pack

If you want to save time and efficiency, one of our account managers will accompany you during the first two months of your SKALE with Kwanko campaign to manage the optimal launch of your campaign with you. 

The Starter Account Management package contains the following services:

Launch of the campaign: 2 months with an Account Manager


Deepen your knowledge of affiliate campaign management and carry out routine operational tasks on our platform in order to be as autonomous as possible afterwards. 

  • Checking the campaign setup 

  • Contact with publishers

  • Operational work and monitoring (performance analysis) 

  • Processing of tracked sales 

  • Best Practices in Account Management 


Technical support for the implementation of tracking


When setting up your campaign, you will have to affix the technical tracking tags to your website in order to measure the performance of your campaign. 


This step is detailed in the technical documentation while the campaign is created.


As the technical set-up can be complex, you can rely on our Technical Support. An expert will then contact you and accompany you through the implementation and testing stages to ensure that everything is operational before the launch. 


Checking the programme settings


Once your campaign has been activated, it is essential to check that all your settings are correct. 

  • Banners = are all your ads active, in the right formats and with the right redirects? 

  • Remuneration = are the remuneration groups set up and active? 

  • Full description = is your presentation text clear and complete so that publishers can see themselves in your campaign? 

  • Channels: Accepted / Case by Case / Rejected 


Recommendation on remuneration


We also support you in the choice of your remuneration strategy. Is your remuneration in line with the market and therefore competitive?


To do this, we have set up an automatic system that allows you to adjust your remuneration to the market.


Go here: Online Calculator


If you have any questions, you can send them to the following address:


Recommendations and validation of publishers verticals


We also support you in your distribution strategy. Depending on your market, the types to be activated differ and our multi-brand experience allows us to give you all the keys to have a varied, diversified and homogeneous campaign. 


The following typologies will be activated by default on your campaign: 

  • CPA price comparison

  • Voucher code

  • Cashback

  • Display advertising network

  • Retargeting display

  • Social ads

  • Contextual targeting

  • Native advertising

  • Influencer

  • Retargeting on site

  • Content website

  • Loyalty club

  • Daily deals



Phone meeting: training on the platform


Our platform is therefore your campaign management tool. In order to be as efficient as possible from your launch, we will introduce you to the different components of the interface to familiarise you with your new environment. 


The objective is twofold: to allow you to gain perspective and to give you the keys to use our tools properly. 


Dedicated mail to the entire Kwanko publishers database


At the launch of your campaign, the account manager prepares a dedicated newsletter that is sent to the entire Kwanko publishers database.


This way, publishers are informed of the launching of your campaign and can apply for it spontaneously, and then retrieve the ads and tracking links necessary for their activity


  • Main objective: general communication of the launch 

  • Second objective: to generate synergy on the campaign


Setting up and checking the product feed


The account manager is responsible for checking and setting up your product feed to ensure that all the information fields are present.


The fields are divided into 3 sub-categories, namely:


- Required fields that must be present for integration

- Strongly recommended fields that allow for better integration of products

- Useful fields to complete the information for a product


Several product catalogue formats are possible: CSV or XML.


Recommendations: generate both formats to meet all publishers’ demands. 


IMPORTANT: To set up your product feeds, you must contact our team as this requires the intervention of one of our technical supports. Contact 


Building the network of publishers


The first two months of your campaign's life will be marked by the creation of your publishers’ network.

It is important to build up a homogeneous and varied network of publishers so as not to limit your campaign and depend on one or more Top Publishers


Prospecting and setting up TOP publishers (Cashback, Deals, Content).


The Account Manager is responsible for identifying the top publishers in your sector of activity and the most important ones on the market within the framework of the types authorised for display. 


These publishers are then contacted to ensure that your campaign is integrated as soon as possible once the campaign is activated. 


It is responsible for sending all the necessary elements: remuneration, description of the campaign, details of promotional offers, tracked links, ads.


Support in management processes 


The Account Manager will guide you through the various processes for managing your campaign: 


    Create, change and program your ads


Several ads types are available to publishers (banners, voucher codes, text links, e-mail kits, etc.). These ads are to be updated according to your commercial calendar.


- Track your performance via the "Statistics" tab

The analysis of your performance is necessary to manage your campaign in order to : 

  • Monitor your key indicators

  • Monitor the performance of publishers

  • Manage your budgets

  • Identify the possible optimisations

  • Detect possible issues (tracking...)

- Save your favourite statistical views

You can add statistical selections directly to your favourite views in order to apply them quickly during recurring analyses. To do so, generate your statistical view and click on the "star" icon in the upper right corner to add it to your favourites

You can find more details on the statistics here.

- Validate your sales


Each month you must process all the sales tracked on your campaign, and specify whether they are validated or refused.


Please notea maximum cancellation rate must be respected and is determined at the launch of the campaign (maximum 15%). 


This process will have to be carried out every month in order for publishers to receive their earnings.


Animation of the campaign

At the launch of a campaign, and throughout its life, it is essential to animate the network of publishers and give them visibility on your highlights of the year.


Why animate your affiliate campaign ? 

  • Boost your turnover

  • Increase your average basket,

  • Recruit new customers

  • Build loyalty among publishers

  • Achieve your goals


The Account Manager will recommend highlighting plans to bring visibility to your campaign from its launch.

The price of this pack is 1000 €. You can either take this pack directly when creating your SKALE with Kwanko campaign or you can contact the SKALE team at