Objectives of the tool

The analysis of your performance is necessary to manage your campaign in order to : 

  • Monitor your key indicators

  • Monitoring the performance of publishers

  • Managing your budgets

  • Identify avenues for optimisation

  • Detecting possible problems (tracking...)

Features of the tool  

In order to analyse the performance of your campaign, you have the possibility to choose several dimensions and filters.

What is a dimension & what is a filter?

The dimensions allow you to choose the analysis view according to your statistical needs (campaigns, period, sites, media, etc.).

Filters allow you to refine the view of the statistics (analysis period, choice of campaigns, choice of sites).

Example of Selection: 

What can you achieve with your tool?

In your tool you have access to several features:

  1. Tracking pixels: 

This tool allows you to analyse the results of your campaigns with the distinction of your "trackings" for example in the case of a campaign with "Old" and "New" customer tracking. This will only be available if the distinction has been set up during the technical implementation. 

  1. Currencies: 

This tool allows you to calculate the results of your campaigns in a specific currency automatically based on international currency rates.  


  • The currency of a campaign is defined by default at the launch of the campaign and cannot be changed afterwards. 

  • The payment of the publishers will be made in the currency that will be defined by default on the campaign.

  • In your statistical view, you have the option of changing the currency for your analyses, but this is for information purposes only.

  1. Favourite views: 

You can add statistical selections directly to your favourite views in order to apply them quickly during recurring analyses. To do this, generate your statistical view and click on the "star" icon at the top right to add it to your favourites. 

  1. Download: 

Once your view has been generated, you can extract your statistics in .csv format in order to work on them more easily in Excel. Once your view is generated, click on the pictogram to generate the .csv

  1. List of KPIs / Modify your columns: 

By default, you have the main KPIs displayed during your analyses. You can refine your results by displaying more KPIs by clicking on this icon on the top right:  

  1. Display of results: 

Once the statistics have been generated, you can filter certain KPIs in an ascending / descending manner by clicking on the header of the element to be sorted. When a sort is selected, a red arrow positioned to the right of the KPI indicates the sort direction.

For example (Default sorting): By default the sorting is done on the KPIs 'Spendings'.