What is the Bonus tool and why use it? 

A bonus is a specific amount that you can add to a publisher as part of a specific set-up (Challenge / specific deal / Social Network Push / Emailing). 

Thanks to the tool on Kwanko Platform you will no longer need to go through our support and ask for help. 

  1. Commercial benefits 

You can quickly add bonuses to your publishers and pay them separately if the situation requires it. This allows you to optimise your management of exposures and deals with your partners. 

  1. Publishers details and benefits for your follow-up

The advantage of this tool is that it gives more visibility and details both for your publishers and for you as everything will be directly identified in the Statistics tool in a separate "Bonus" column (specified below). 

Adding a bonus

To manage bonuses, simply go to the "Publishers" tab and click on "Bonus". You will only need a few minutes to create it. 

After clicking on "Add a bonus" in the top right-hand corner, you will need to define :

    Campaign: on which you will add the bonus (in case if you have several campaigns on your entity)

    Website per language: which is affected by the bonus. You can only add a bonus to a publisher accepted on the campaign.

    Bonus type:

 - Deal (specific deal for Black Friday, Christmas, etc.)

- Challenge (for publishers who are on the podium during a challenge launched on your campaign and to whom you wish to give a specific bonus, etc.)

- Compensation (tracking and tracing problems, etc.)

- Other (mailings, etc.)

    Label: description of the bonus in a few words to identify it easily (e.g. MEA Black Friday 2022, Summer Sale Emailing, etc.)

    Period covered

  • Specific Date: Exposure on one day only (e.g. Social Networking Push on November 3rd - invoicing on November 3rd only ) 

  • Period: In the case of promotion over a given period (e.g. Push from November 1st to December 1st), the period refers to the dates on which the operation takes place. 

    • In the statistics, you will see the bonus on the 1st day of this period. 

    • It is also the first day of this period that will be taken into account on the invoice (e.g.  the bonus added over the period from November 1st to December 1st will therefore be invoiced in the month of November. 

    Publisher amount: the amount that will be allocated to the publisher.

    Total amount: the total amount to be paid which includes the amount paid to the publisher and the Kwanko commission applied on the campaign.

Below: Bonus interface to be filled in 

How to invoice bonuses? 

There are 3 different ways to invoice Bonus.

Case 1: Create a dedicated invoice | Pay by credit card now

With this option, a dedicated invoice will be created and you will be able to make the payment by credit card. This option is available for payments in EUR, USD and GBP only. 

 2nd case : Create a dedicated invoice | Pay later 

In this case, you will receive a pro-forma invoice and will have 9 days to validate it and pay the invoice with your usual means of payment.

Case 3: Add to next invoice

A new separate line referring to the bonus will be added to your next invoice. The payment of this invoice will follow the usual process.

How to find your bonuses in the statistics?

After adding a bonus, a new column will automatically be added in the statistics (tab "Statistics"). This will allow you to quickly track and identify the bonuses in your campaign.

You can also add additional data. Simply add columns by clicking on the  icon on the top right and add the needed KPIs, e.g. you can analyse the number of bonuses, the expenses related only to bonuses, the expenses of the campaign with and without bonuses. 

How to track bonus payments?

In the "Invoicing" tab, you will find the details of the invoices. On invoices containing bonuses, you will find dedicated lines "Bonus - (spe001)" which contain the details of the bonus added: the label of the bonus, the website concerned, the period of addition and the total amount excluding VAT.  As a reminder, the month in which the bonus is invoiced corresponds to the first day of the period in which it was added. 

There is also a shortcut to "Add a bonus".