Campaign management

First steps to get started

Here are our recommendations for getting started: 

Go to the Campaign tab to check your settings: campaign description, payouts etc. 

  1. Check the details of your campaign: 

This is the identity of your campaign, therefore it is important to make sure everything is correct so that publishers have access to a clear and complete description in order to project themselves on your campaign and therefore relay it.

To do this, click on : 

This is the interface for your campaign: 

In case you want to modify the information of your campaign, click on :

You will be able to modify all the elements of your global description from this interface. 

  • Name of your campaign + Logo

  • Description 

  • Publishing conditions

  • IAB categories 

  • URL 

Once you have made your changes, click on:

Your campaign name + Logo: 

Recommendation : Define a simple and quickly identifiable name for the publishers, usually the name of your brand.  

Your description: 

It is essential to provide publishers with a clear and effective description of your brand, your products and your campaign. 

Recommendation: describe your campaign to encourage publishers to join by giving detailed information about your merchant site, your business, the strengths of your campaign and key KPIs:

  • number of unique monthly visitors

  • average shopping basket

  • the conversion rate

  • products and services offered

  • the target audience

  • delivery methods

  • proposed events, highlights

  • the advantages of the site

  • the average remuneration offered to publishers.

If you plan to offer advantages at the launch of the campaign (a pay boost, a specific code, etc.), do not hesitate to specify this.

The aim is to sell your campaign to publishers.

Your URL : 

Check that the URL entered corresponds to the URL of your generic site (without tracking or analytics elements). 

Publishing conditions: 

Check that the typologies entered correspond to your campaign. The publishers will thus have visibility on their possible acceptance or refusal of your campaign according to their activity. 

Once your campaign has been launched, you should be careful about making any changes to the permitted typologies, as this can have a significant impact on the potential of your campaign.

Note:  Indicating a typology as "Rejected" in the publishing conditions does not automatically reject publishers from the program. This must be managed manually.