Why analyse your performance by publisher and by vertical?

  • Analyse the best performing publishers by vertical

  • Track traffic by publisher for each typology

  • Track the volume of conversions per publisher for each vertical

  • Track your budgets and investments by publisher for each vertical

  • Control profitability by publisher and by vertical

What conclusions can be drawn from these analyses? 

  • Identify opportunities and issues 

  • Boost high-potential publishers on each typology represented in the campaign 

  • Identify downgrades and implement optimisations 

  • Diversify the publishers and typologies within the marketing mix

How to display this statistics view?

  1. In Dimension, select "Website" or "Website by language".

  2. Still in "Dimension", click on "Add a dimension" via the "+" icon and select "Vertical".

  3. In the filters, choose your analysis period.

  4. Select the campaign(s) you wish to analyse.

  5. Choose the vertical(s) you wish to analyse. 

  6. Choose the site(s) you wish to analyse (in the case of a specific analysis).

Example of Selection: 

Example of Results: