To go further in the analysis, you can analyse other additional dimensions to know where your conversions come from. This is particularly useful in the case of a multi-language campaign.

Why analyse your performance by Language / Country / Location 

Languages / Countries: The information is based on the declarations made by the publisher when registering their website. 

Location: This is information based on the IP address of the Internet user's browser. 

  • Analyse the origin of performance

  • Track the volume of conversions by Geo or Country

  • Track your budgets and investments by Geo or country

  • Monitor profitability by geo or country 

What conclusions can be drawn from these analyses? 

  • Identify the geos that work best

  • Identify new opportunities

  • Optimise your campaign by country/geography

How to display this statistics view?

  1. In Dimension, select "Country/Geo" or "Language" or "User location".

  2. In the filters, choose your analysis period

  3. Select the campaign(s) you wish to analyse

  4. Select the type(s) of device you wish to analyse (in the case of a specific analysis). 

Example of Selection : 

Example of Results: