Why analyse your performance by period : 

  • Analyse the breakdown of your campaign(s) with a daily view 

  • Follow traffic by day

  • Track the volume of conversions per day

  • Track your budgets and investments by day

  • Monitor the profitability of your campaign(s) 

What conclusions can be drawn from these analyses? 

  • Identify the daily volume of your campaign(s) 

  • Boost declining campaigns 

  • Break down publishers if campaigns outperform  

  • Identify continuity of performance

  • Identify potential problems (technical/performance) : 

    • In case of lack of data

      • Tracking issue

      • A publisher unplug

      • Loss of traffic  

    • In case of over-performance :

      • Over-tracking (Kwanko pulls up too many conversions compared to your analytics systems) 

      • A too high display of a publisher or a typology 

How to display this statistics view :

  1. In dimensions, select "Websites" or "Websites by language".

  2. In the filters, choose your analysis period

  3. Select the campaign(s) you wish to analyse

  4. Choose the site(s) you wish to analyse (in the case of a specific analysis)

BEWARE: You will have the option in some cases to choose the duration view you wish to analyse - Year / Month / Day. You must choose this dimension in the main banner above your statistical view. 


Selection example: 

Example of statistical results :