Why analyse your performance by publisher and by ads? 

  • Analyze the ads used by each publisher within the campaign

  • Analyse traffic by ad by publisher

  • Track the volume of conversions generated on the different ads used by a publisher

  • Track your budgets and investments by vertical of ads by publisher

  • Optimise display by ad 

  • Monitor the profitability of publishers according to ads (e.g. to analyse the performance of a promo code for a specific publisher)

What conclusions can be drawn from these analyses? 

  • Identify the ads used and performing for each publisher

  • Identify downgrades and implement optimisations 

How to display this statistical view?

  1. In dimensions, select "Website" or "Website by language".

  2. Still in Dimension, click on "Add a dimension" on the "+" icon and select "Ad".

  3. In the filters, choose your analysis period

  4. Select the campaign(s) you wish to analyse

  5. Choose the site(s) you wish to analyse (in the case of a specific analysis)

Selection example: 

Example of results: