Analyse your performance by publisher

In the statistics, two site dimensions are proposed: 

Websites (Sxxxx): this dimension groups together all the performances for a publisher

Websites by language (SAxxxx): this dimension adds a notion of performance by language for a publisher relaying your campaigns.

BEWARE: If you are using a third party analysis tool (such as Google Analytics, Eulerian, etc.) and the IDSITE parameter (blue box in the example of results below) in one of your UTMs for example, it is important to look at the "websites by language" view in order to be able to cross-reference the IDs of the publishers in your system. The IDs in the "websites" view may not be identical.  

Why analyse your performance by website? 

  • Analyse the breakdown of sites within the campaign

  • Track traffic by site

  • Track the volume of conversions

  • Track your budgets and investments by site

  • Monitor the profitability of sites

What conclusions can be drawn from these analyses? 

  • Identify opportunities and issues 

  • Boost high potential sites

  • Identify downgrades and implement optimisations 

  • Diversify publishers

How to display this statistics view? 

  1. In dimensions, select "Websites" or "Websites by language".

  2. In the filters, choose your analysis period

  3. Select the campaign(s) you wish to analyse

  4. Choose the site(s) you wish to analyse (in the case of a specific analysis)

Selection example: 

ATTENTION: In the "Websites" filter you can select different sites according to your analysis needs. You can either display only the selected sites (default application) or exclude the selected sites from the analysis by clicking on the icon : 

Example of statistical results :